President Biden and Environmental Action — Nula Carbon

What did Biden pledge to do for the environment?

All eyes are on swift action

A new era for U.S Climate leadership?

  • Biden instructed the Secretary of Agriculture to implement a ‘climate-smart’* strategy to farming and forestry within the next 90 days [8].
  • Putting in place a Clean Energy Standard (CES), a national programme that prioritises 100 percent clean electricity by 2035. This could ensure every state switches from polluting energy sources to necessary clean ones at a pace in line with the Paris Climate Agreement (although the energy system is quite complex and this is not an easy task by any means!) [7].
  • Assessing and reregulating a number of environmental rollbacks enacted by Trump during his term in office. These include laws on forestry, air pollution, chemical safety, water pollution, and wildlife.According to the Washington Post, Biden has overturned 11 of these with 60 in target, while adding an additional 13 new protections. There are around 140 rollbacks that are yet to be targeted [8]. You can read more in The Climate Reregulation Tracker by Columbia University , highlighting key U.S policy actions taken for the climate.



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Nula Carbon helps individuals and companies offset their unavoidable emissions by protecting threatened forests.